Certifications and the Payments Industry

Discussion continues to rain down about the need for certifications and dare I say… licences within the payments industry as there is a mad dash to get in front of government regulations.

While concern remains about the need for certification from many industry veterans as can be expected from those who have worked within the industry for so many years and have possibly forgotten more than most now know.  They are not necessarily the issue.

The issue that needs addressing is the constant turn around and influx of individuals who are looking to make a living doing honest work, but lack the critical fundamental knowledge to do so.  This lack of information, resources and know how does not only impact their ability to work, but also the merchants who they are trying to work for.  This costs our industry countless dollars in support, ill will and the constant turnover of agents and industry professionals.  The trickle up effect of this is what we see now, an industry under scrutiny who has many concerns about the ability to control, train and monitor itself effectively.

The common theme from the majority (not all by a long shot) of industry veterans is that change is needed and that change is in the area of education in one form or another.  There was a great post about this on The Green Sheet which can be found here.

As always, we’re interested in hearing your feedback.  So let us know by following us on Twitter or making a post here.

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