Introduction to Global Payments…New Webinar

I understand how valuable time is.  Whether this is for you, your employees or clients time is at a premium.

With that in mind we here at Merchant University have fully embraced the concept of delivering actionable knowledge within 15 minutes.  Hey, that better than Dominoes!  The first webinar series we’ll be putting on is going to be focused on Global Operations for Merchants.

–          Introduction to Global Payments – March 12th @ 11AM PST – Click Here to Register

–          Introduction to Global Fraud Prevention – Date to be determined

–          Introduction to Global Chargeback Management – Date to be determined

These are merchant focused webinars which will help any merchants who are currently operating in the global marketplace, or for merchants who are considering expanding their business into new regions.

We’re very excited about this new series we’re going to be putting on as each of the points we’ll be outlining have been taken from direct experience working with and working for merchants who operate in a wide variety of international marketplaces.

Maybe you’re thinking that 15 minutes is not enough, that there is no way you’ll be able to find/hear/learn something that will improve your business in such a short time.  If that’s the case, then I challenge you here and now to take a scant 15 minutes from your day and see.  If you happen to know the information we cover, that’s great as you’re on the right track and it’s only cost you 15 minutes…but if not, think of the opportunity.

So… how about it?

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