The Need for Education…Are we too Prideful?

Let me start off by saying this post will be biased.  I want to educate people, I want to help people become better tomorrow than they were today.  So in my mind the need for constant and continual education is a no-brainer.  I’m not necessarily talking about class study and tests.  I’m speaking to the need to improve one’s knowledgebase …no matter how that’s done.


Now, with the disclaimer out of the way, why don’t we as an industry feel as though we need to be educated on what we’re doing?  Or better yet, on how to do what we’re doing better?  From my personal experience as a merchant and a service provider (to a lesser extent) there is a huge gap in processes people practice and the actual best practices.  Worse yet, there is this sense that people don’t feel as though they need to continue to educate themselves.  That what they know now and today will be “good enough” for the business of tomorrow.


Why is this?  Is it because people really don’t think they need to improve themselves?  I personally find this hard to believe.  Could it be because there is no intuitive, simple and straight forward source for education?  Possibly that the educational content active today is too time consuming and not valuable enough, or people just don’t see the value in education?  Finally could it be as simple as; People don’t want to admit that they don’t know, or that they could use education?


Whatever it is I’d love to know.  If the problem lays with the way that education is handled that’s a problem that we as an industry can tackle.  If the issue lies with the people not believing that education is for them…well we have a larger problem on our hands.


Let me know what you think by emailing me directly at or you can contact us on Twitter at Merchant_U.


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